Each week at Highland we encourage each other to live out our mission statement:

"Making disciples who are connected to God, each other and the world. "

We live out this mission by practicing these 5 Core Values


We Worship

Put God first.

We honor God with our lips and our lives as we grasp the awesomeness of His presence and Character.


We Learn

Know God's Word.

We work hard to put into practice the truths of God's word, believing we don't know the truth until it is lived out.


We Serve

Give yourself.

We follow Jesus' example of service by giving our time, our talents, and our resources to help others.


We Care

Do life together.

We understand God created us to be together. We form groups -large and small- to build belonging.


We Reach

Spread the Good News.

We are sent to the whole world to be a blessing and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We Value:

  • The authority of scripture   2 Timothy 3: 16--17
  • The personal Lordship of Christ  John 14: 6--7
  • Active involvement in evangelism   Matthew 28: 18--20
  • Worship, both corporate and personal John 4: 23--24
  • Service to the church and community   Galatians 5: 13
  • Fellowship that encourages and builds community   Philippians 2: 1
  • Prayer   Acts 2: 42
  • Excellence   Galatians 6: 4
  • Personal transformation and growth   Romans 12: 1--2
  • Sharing generously with all people   2 Corinthians 8: 1--5