Matthew 1

Matthew 1

 Scripture:  Matthew 1:24

“When Joseph woke up from sleep, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded him:  he took his wife.”  ESV


When Joseph found out Mary was pregnant, he must have been beside himself.  After all, he knew he wasn’t the father.  I can imagine him mentally going through a list of possibilities.  Maybe even having an awkward conversation or two as he tried to discover what had happened.  As a betrothed couple, he had a perfect right to reject Mary and leave her to live her life in shame, and he was considering doing that quietly.  When the angel spoke to him though, Joseph not only believed, he responded by going through with the marriage.  By doing that, he showed tremendous faith, courage, and loyalty.  The whispers and gossip no doubt continued, but Joseph chose to move past them and do what God asked him to do.


Based on those characteristics he showed in an incredibly stressful situation, I can ‘t think of a better person to raise Jesus than Joseph.  Loyalty, courage, faith, are qualities every man needs to be the man God’s called him to be.  If we’re dads, our example of character provides an example for our kids and grandkids to follow.  Even if we’re not dads, those qualities form a strong base as we interact with others.  These are also some of the base items for the list of church leader characteristics in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.  In any case, they’re certainly things to reach for and develop.


God, thanks for the example of Joseph.  May we actively develop those qualities he showed in our lives.  Bring them to mind for us as we walk through this day with you.

Mike McElyea