Just Starting?


Thanks for participating in this year-long journey through the New Testament.  Whether you’re starting on day one, or jumping in somewhere in the middle, I’m glad you’ve chosen to invest yourself in reading and reflecting on God’s Word.  As you get started, I’d like to point out a couple of things that may help you as we get rolling.

First – We’ll cover a chapter every weekday (Monday – Friday).  This gives you the weekend to catch up if need be.  So even if you get behind, don’t sweat it – too much.

Second – Our format is based on Wayne Cordeiro’s pattern of SOAP – Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer.  Wayne’s excellent book, “The Divine Mentor” (highly recommended!) gives more detail about this method.

Third – Each of these writings are just my thoughts and impressions after reading the chapter.  Most of the time a verse or several verses will jump out to me that particular day, and I’ll write a little about them.  You may have different impressions and thoughts – great!  That’s the beauty of the SOAP method – all of us will be struck by different things, and each of them can become a thought we take with us through the course of the day.

Fourth and Finally – And most important.  It’s my hope and prayer that not only will these writings help you grow in your walk with Christ, they’ll also help you make SOAP a life-long habit.  I guarantee that if you spend time each day reading and reflecting on God’s Word, you will become a better follower of Jesus.

Mike McElyea

James Downing